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If you run an NGO for charity, other specific charity organisations or even a ministry, why not let more people know about your organisation?

With an online presence, a website, a newsletter, you can provide better education to your organisation, you can build a stronger community and even raise funds for your community by participating in our affiliate plan.

Apart from our contribution of 30% from advertising network profit that goes to people and planet charity activities, there is always a special offer for NGO charities and other specific charity organizations that would like to use our web tools to let the world know about them....and why not generate an affiliate income for them and their communities.

People & Planet

30% of our Network profit goes to charity. You are our Priority, and we want you
to be part of our mission in Supporting the less privileged people and the planet.

As the network grows and the income of our members will also grow, we really hope that more members will join our charity support and contribute with their donations.

The targeted area is Africa, an extensive area which is complex and problematic. But not only Africa, because there are other places and people worldwide with huge humanitarian needs.


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