To Our Success Together,
Chris McLaughlin (California, USA)
Deanna Michelle
(North Carolina, USA)
Panos Papadakis
Edward Burtley
Trinidad Tobago
Danijel Kruljac (Croatia)
CEO at MojInternetPosao

“I've been online since 2006, and I only can say this: I have never seen a company like All In One Profits before. It is a true goldmine!

For marketers who want to SAVE money: AIOP has webhosting, double opt-in autoresponder with unlimited campaigns and lists with unlimited number of subscribers, more splash/lead capture page builders, ready made funnels for ANY business, SEO optimized platform for blogging and article publishing, tracking, cloaking and branding tools, URL rotator, downline builder, network advertising (banners and text ads), scripts, software and e-books for learning and reselling... and it all is available starting with just $10 (plus the processing fee) monthly!

For marketers who want to MAKE money: the AIOP branded compensation plan is absolutely unique. It is even-up, wide and deep!

Which offers a never seen before opportunity to build a very solid residual income in a very short time! On basic level, there is no admin fee. For just a cost of a pizza, the members of AIOP are building wealth.

AIOP isn't for advanced marketers only. In fact, it is a very newbie-friendly program. There are video tutorials available in members' area, how to set up the autoresponder, how to use the splash builder, and so on. On products page, there are video series available about everything an online marketer should know to become successful!

Support is excellent, the owners are online almost around the clock.”

Katrin Sormus - Estonia

“AIOP is not only a program that I go to every day to use the tools that offer endless possibilities for me to grow my other businesses, but it has become home for me Home where I earn, meet friends and grow my online earning experience as well. You have committed admins/owners that really care not only about you being in the program, but really care about your wellbeing as well, ensuring you feel comfortable and satisfied with very aspects of the program, through regular explicit updates and their prompt one on one personal communications, they are real and accessible per mail or per skype, and the fact that they are partnered with and support Charity Organizations, tells much about their love and commitment in seing others succeed and improve in their quality of life - Great. All I can say now is “I just Love AIOP” and hope they stay around for ever - They will make a big change in the lives of AIOP members and those they support through the businesses and Charities they are patnered with. Based on my experience since day one in AIOP, I am tempted to say AIOP has been AIOB (All In One Profits has been "All In One Blessing") for me, really.”

Pete Ade - USA

" There's so much value packed into AIOP's Basic and PRO accounts, that on price it's impossible to ignore it as a potential service provider for almost all of your marketing needs.

But.. the view from the inside, as a genuine user, is even better. Since having started using their tools in November 2012, the service (on a personal level) has been second to none. Being quite proactive, I've been a pain in the butt and picked the brains of the admin team, which has lead to me learning new skills and improving my value as an internet marketer and leader.

They are responsive, supportive and as far as the compensation plan goes.. they are bang on time - never missing a beat and always within their advertised schedules.

Since I joined (over 3 years ago), there's never been a month where I haven't earned regular recurring commissions from users I've referred, which goes to show just how much "value for money" we believe their tools set possesses. So much so that I have built a fully automated affiliate marketing system that centres around AIOP and its resources.

My system includes powerful, logic, automation, functionality and visitor tracking that enables it to automatically build the user a downline in multiple income sources (including AIOP) and because it integrates AIOP's autoresponder service, it will build the user a "buyers list" on complete autopilot.

With AIOP being the main focus of my system, the key factor for people succeeding online (list building) is automatically taken care of and of course.. it encourages list members to also make use of AIOP tools, hence building 100% residual AIOP commissions for every affiliate.

Whatever I do online in terms of marketing, lead capture, traffic generation etc.. AIOP always features! ”

Kevin Waldron – France

“I have never seen a company that offers so much in value like AIOP. Hosting, autoresponder, splash pages, newsletter, picture templates,..etc..

Wow! Respect guys .. And when I saw a compensation plan :-) NICE!!”

Danijel Krulijac - Croatia

The support is amazing as I have never dealt with better. They are friendly and professional, as well as always there. And by support, that includes the owners of the company (and yes you can talk to them directly as well via skype). Every tool included (and there are a ton!) is professional and easily comparable to the expensive ones you will find online. Best $10 investment I ever made and best decision I have and will ever make!

Andrew Straton - USA

" Having your own blog or website is crucial for every business owner, as it is like your calling card. It shows who you are and what you have to offer.

Secondly, your inbuilt autoresponder will help to stay in touch with your prospects. This is why I have joined AIOP! The opportunity is just the icing on the cake.

But yes, it is great to know that my hosting package is now getting more than just paid every month. In fact AIOP is getting me and my Team a lot of social contacts too. Good to be here. ”

Klaus Biesel (aka Klausius) – Phillipines

"Hello to all who are considering joining AIOP. This is my fourth time I joined this wonderful company. The first three times it was introduced to me as an income generator which it can be. However, that should not be the reason to join this company. What are the true reasons? The Ever Increasing Valuable Tools Inside AIOP designed To Promote and Build Any Online Opportunity.

Since I have taken the time to learn how to use the tools, I am now in a position to help others. Am I using all the tools inside 100% effectively? Not by a long shot, but I am now confident to help others to get started with the basics. I am dedicating myself to assist all those that are directly in my downline. I am aware if lots of individuals who joined AIOP as an income opportunity and they never took the time to learn how to use the tools. I am confident if their upline were conversant with the tools and had taken the time to learn and then train those in their down-line, AIOP would be even a bigger and better service provider today. Thank You AIOP Creator Staff !”

Bodo Mehring - Canada

" I would highly recommend AIOP to anyone beginning their online business, or even those that have been at it for some time now. AIOP offers great tools to help market your online business, and requires very little know how, as they have plenty of tutorial videos on most of their tools. I originally joined AIOP because I needed 2 Link Rotators, and have remained a customer ever since thanks to all the additional marketing tools that have come in so handy, such as their double opt in auto responder which has replaced my Aweber saving me alone $19 / month. So if you're looking for great marketing tools at a very affordable price, then AIOP is surely a great choice. ”

Xavier Rivera- USA
PS...Thanks AIOP!!!

"The first time when I saw the information online about AIOP, my first reaction was asking a question to myself ‘How is it possible that nobody in my country doesn`t know about this business with great tools and pay plan?’… in the next days I decided that AIOP will be my  business, my income source for years… and it is from 2014.

ALL IN ONE PROFITS is truly one of the best decisions in my business life – here we have the only all-in-one web tools and business building solution we need as entrepreneurs, and a great affiliate plan with low monthly cost (for helpful tools and services)  and huge possibilities. 
…and that was the first thing which I saw in the beginning.

I cooperate with ALL IN ONE PROFITS  (AIOP) from 2014 and I started my business using AIOP business building tools and at the same time my business as affiliate around AIOP’s affiliate program from the scratch, building it step by step. As afilliate, in my first month with AIOP I made only $10, next month dozens of dollars, then hundreds… in a few months I built a stable income source thanks  AIOP and my daily actions.

AIOP is really for people, it is not created only for money (to make a huge cash and don’t care about people…) – this company pays most money which they earn on selling products, to their business partners/affiliates in commissions, so we can get all high quality tools and services for rubbish money or even for zero cost if we work as affiliates (reselling AIOP’s tools to other people/clients easily covers our own expenses as customers). 

As one of AIOP’s customer and leading affiliate, I’m very grateful to the company owners, who are very helpful people, who listen to our suggestions, who care about this company and members. I cooperated with many companies in the past 10 years, but I have never had so good, quality contact/relations with owners like in ALL IN ONE PROFITS (most owners unfortunatelly don’t care about that). 

So,thank you very much for all! Thank you ALL IN ONE PROFITS!

Łukasz Gałuszka – POLAND
CEO-AIOP Team Polska

My name is Bobby Kennedy, and I am a happy member of All In One Profits. No other company offers the value that AIOP does for the cost. They definitely over deliver a quality product that every internet marketer, or brick and mortar company needs.

I had heard of AIOP before joining, and overlooked it for some time. When I did join I was pleasantly surprised at the quality they offer.

This is the only company I have been a part of that makes it possible to help your team build their business, and at the same time you are actually building your business. The affiliate plan is unique, and it works in a way that everyone can win with AIOP.

The support has been excellent also. They have always responded to any questions very fast. And they are very helpful.

This is just a great company and it has a great "feel" to it. I have hung my hat here and made a home. The track record of the delivery, the affiliate plan, the support are the main reasons why you can always be proud to recommend AIOP. That`s why I have gone "All In" with All In One Profits.

Bobby Kennedy - U.S.A

" All In One Profits (or AIOP in short) is absolutely amazing. I finally found a company that not only provides its members with invaluable tools that they can use to either create their own online business or to enhance and expand what they already have. And if that was not enough, it also pays out a monthly residual income, but also help me to help others in earning online. AIOP rocks and is my number one program, BAR NONE !!!!!

The AIOP admin/support is out of this world. They are always ready to help and do so in a very professional and prompt manner. I never have to wait long to get an answer to any of my tickets. Big thanks :-)”

Felix Rossi – Ireland

" Good Day to all. Welcome to AIOP.

I made a big mistake when I resigned from AIOP some time ago for various reasons. But soon realised I didn`t realise the huge potential of this online business platform. I have now rejoined, with a Pro product package, when I saw the advantage of doing so. What you get at either membership is superb So I look forward to a happy successful time with AIOP. ”

Gordon Smith - UK

“My first All In One Profits (AIOP) testimonial was within 5 days of joining the program. I was that impressed with the compensation plan and the admin team, that I felt compelled to share immediately my sentiments.

But the thing with testimonials is that most people only submit them once, when the going is good and actually when very little has actually happened. In my case, a lot of positive results were achieved in a very short space of time, so I felt a testimonial was justified.

So now, 3 months down the line I'm writing another testimonial that I hope you will find useful in helping you make a decision about joining AIOP.

The administration team still has to have been the best I've ever worked with. They are accessible, approachable, helpful, caring and diligent. I've received advice and assistance outside of the normal AIOP products and service levels at very unsociable times of the night - that's how supportive and conscientious they are. They respond very promptly to any queries and are straight with their answers. This alone was a huge deciding factor in my joining and promoting this business.

In fact I've been so impressed with AIOP, that I've actually developed my own marketing system around the services they provide. If it were not for their services I'd still be working very hard to make my marketing system available to all my AIOP referrals. The "shared campaign" feature is (for me personally) the single most important addition to the AIOP portfolio of tools. It enables me and my team to easily attract prospects and build our lists to good effect.

There is no question in my mind that for the money, AIOP punches way above its weight in terms of cost of membership and potential income. There are a lot of glossier looking programs/systems/services out there, but for me none can offer the same value...

AIOP is just the business I was looking for, but I didn't realise until I found it. Now it controls almost everything I achieve online and all the money I make is being driven through the marketing system I have created using AIOP tools and services.

My advice... look beyond their compensation plan. It is good and I have a strategy that keeps members in your downline paying to you, but it's their services and how you can use them that is the most important factor. Use their tools right and you can build that $10K+ a month income even if it doesn't all come from AIOP's own compensation plan.”

Kevin Waldron (aka mobilbo) - France

" I've been using the services of All In One Profits for several months now and can honestly say I've never had any issues. Previously I'd used Aweber as my auto-responder. I was with them for roughly 6 months. In that time I had my account suspended twice just because they didn't like the content of my email, I was promoting a MLM company.

I was given no notice that Awber had any issue with the company I was promoting, they just closed my account. Luckily I was able to successfully appeal and had my account opened again. Needless to say, I quickly backed up my email list.

After the second time my Aweber account was closed I was fortunate enough to be introduced to A.I.O.P. When I saw the price and the services they offered it was an easy decision to open my account with them. I have found their support team to be incredibly helpful and I would happily recommend this company to anyone. ”

Mike Williams – U.K.

“I have experienced the same setbacks and frustrations that many had and I was sick and tired to death having to buy or subscribe to every tool out there just to run our online business and getting nickels and dimmes as affiliate. Fortunatelly, in this time i came across AIOP. With AIOP I have found all the tools that I need to build my online business. Plus a fantastic affiliate plan. With AIOP you will find all the support needed. Once again thank you AIOP . ”

Joao Neto - Portugal

Email marketing is a fantastic effective way for successful online business. But for successful email marketing you have to have effective tools. All In One Profits has all these tools under one roof. I have been successfully using it for many years now and I find it the best solution for small businesses and for individuals.

My business is to advise how to build a business online. On my blog fotkar.com I advise my followers that All In One Profits is the best basis for starting their business.

Gorazd Svete - Slovenia

" Amazing! With All In One Profits, I’ve built a great online business from Ghana.

When I came across All In One Profits (AIOP) at first, I never believed that it could be true to provide all these plenty e-Business tools for just $10, plus 100% affiliate commission.

Today I’m very happy that I paid for this powerful unmatched system for such a small monthly fee. Because the hosting and autoresponder are great, I have moved my website from my formal hosting provider to AIOP. This decision has given me peace of mind and 1000% satisfaction on my $10 investment. If you are contemplating on joining AIOP, do not hesitate to do so now. Take advantage of this great tools with its powerful compensation plan. See you in soon. ”

Steve Fynn - Ghana

"All In One Profits is an amazing system created by a company with insight and vision on what people truly need, to start a business online. The owners are the best admins I have every communicated with, and they will do everything they can to help you achieve your goals.

Myself, I have been a member for several years now, and have watch how the site has improved and grown over the years. All In One Profits has helped me promote many online business ventures, and I recently decided to promote AIOP as a stand-alone business. The unique compensation plan, is a big plus and I can see this business providing me with some great comforts in my retirement years.

Thanks admins for all your hard work, and I look forward to working with you, to spread your vision of helping other people achieve success online. ”

Florence Robertson – Canada

" I just want to share my experience here with AIOP. I was with the company for quite sometime now and it was a great experience to become part of the company success through the years. I like the most all the tools being made by them available to all members. In my case since I have founded a team with other program but of course AIOP is one of the best that we are promoting.

Guys, remember this, if you fail in AIOP then it means you will never succeed in any online opportunity. At AIOP everything was provided for all your online advertising needs and any other programs needs it. You need to have the list for you to succeed online otherwise you are bound to fail if you do not have one. Use and utilize the tools provided by AIOP and you will surely succeed in whatever online program you do.

I wish everyone success here at AIOP. To God be the glory..... ”

Samuel Panilag - Phillipines
Proud Admin
The Millionaires Business Club (TMBC)

There are no other opportunities on the internet that can compare with AIOP. The product is designed basically to help people like me.

I am part of their basic plan am getting all that I need to build my Internet marketing business for a very reasonable price of $11.50.

You'll be amazed to see how they are able to give so much of goodies, all tools that are necessary to build up any internet based business and the best affiliate plan. I have lost count of the offers that I had signed up earlier on my pursuit to get on to Internet lifestyle that all net-pruners are raving about. I will place AIOP on top of all opportunities.

The company is strong and is here to stay. I am very glad I am part of AIOP and am in it for life.

Jasper Dawson - India

I couldn't be happier with AIOP and the products/services they provide.

. Webhosting
. splashpage builder
. Ad Rotators
.Ad Tracking
and so much more for such a low price point.

I must say that I'm VERY pleased with the overall service of the autoresponder and it's also nice to have RELIABLE service without successful list building increasing the rates as my email list grows :)

UNLIMITED Subscribers for pennies per month and it doesn't matter if you have 1 subscriber or 1 Million, the price never changes

Thank You So much AIOP!

Paul Yeager - USA

" Let us forget a moment about the excellent affiliate plan that All In One Profits (AIOP) offers and rather have a look at the tools they offer to us as Internet Marketers.

The Rotator: By adding all your program’s links to this tool it means that you can promote all your programs with one link. Basically every time that your rotator link gets a click a new program will open. By adding your links to the Tracker tool you can then advertise the tracker URL to monitor the amount of clicks you get for your advertising. By using a bit of initiative you can track certain subject lines and emails to find out which ones are the best and then concentrate on the ones that work.

Then they offer the lead capture pages builder. They provide you with pictures but you can also upload your own or if you don’t have your own, you can get free ones. They also offer a template where you can make your splash pages with a video in it or a simple blank page where you can place any html page you have.

If you don`t know or want to make your own pages from scratch, no problem, they also offer you Ready Made lead capture funnels with ready made campaigns for any business you may want to build.

The AIOP double opt in Auto Responder is extremely easy to use and if you are really serious about making money on the Internet you have to build your self a list. Without an Auto responder building a list becomes a night mare.

But this is not all: you also get premium hosting to start your own website/blog where you can promote your programmes. Also don’t forget about AIOP E- Library Your one Stop Online Marketing Resource.

Any reasons not to become at least a Basic Paid member of AIOP ?”

Koos - South Africa

" All In One Profits provides several "Evergreen" tools every marketer needs. All this for a truly affordable, small cost! These tools are ones that beginning, intermediate AND expert marketers need and use. There's also a downline builder containing additional money making sources, so All In One Profits is a great one-stop shop to both fill marketing needs AND create income. The Training area is sound and helpful so that even beginners can understand how to use all the AIOP tools and features of membership. Access to the AIOP Ad Coop can boost promotions on the first day that someone gains membership at AIOP. This site has everything a person needs to start making money, capture subscribers, stay in contact with people, train people, track URLs, build splash pages/capture pages, and promote THIS site or any other site a person is already involved in promoting. ”

Teeray Lewis - USA

" All In One Profit's is a great tool for business you can make beautiful Splash Pages and Lead Capture pages for anything that you desire and start making profits. It's very easy to use no experience necessary it really doesn't get any better. ”

R. McCullogh - USA

“I just wanted to applaud AIOP Company for an excellent Project. I am NOT a member of AIOP as yet, but will be soon. For the very 1st time online, as I read the "About us" page, I felt really connected to the bigger picture. I could feel that the page was written from the heart and not from the head. How I wish I could be part of this in a big way. In South Africa, AIOP would make a huge impact. I wish AIOP all the success.”

Musawenkosi Kheswa - South Africa

All In One Profits is a great alternative for 'marketers'. We have a lot of development opportunities here.
The tools offered by the platform can be used in many ways. I recommend the company.

Wieslaw Moroz - Poland

Thank you so much for an affordable $10 tools system with an amazing compensation plan so that anyone with a desire to be their own boss can get started and earn their commission back with sponsoring just one person.
I use the splash page builder very often, great value.

Marlena Burton - United States

I have been using Allinoneprofits basic package since February 2021. It has solved my website/blog/ hosting and Autoresponder problem. The autoresponder is easy to set up, so you don not need a third party autoresponder.
The AIOP Autoresponder does a brilliant job.

I  like that I have the option to be able to build my website via the cPanel file manager. Or build my website or blog using WordPress Softaculous software. It is all very easy to use, there are video tutorials that are very helpful and clear to follow.
I love the affiliate program that pays $10 if anyone signs up for the basic package, the higher packages obviously pay more, but at this point I am on the basic package so I can only speak from that perspective.

Carlton Hewitt - United Kingdom

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