Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is All In One (AIOP)?
A:  All in One Profits company (or AIOP as we call it), offers online products, services, and a generously unique compensation plan; designed for 
    you through the platform of the  site. The program is designed to help and make available to you all the essential online 
    marketing tools you need to grow and fast track your start up online, all at the most affordable price around.
    The web tools include : Auto Responder, Splash/Squeeze maker, URLTracker,  best quality and affordable  Web Hosting, Website builder, Video 
    maker,Video squeeze builder, Graphics and Web design, Software, Article editing software, a  Downline builder system allowing users to add
    also    their own programs. We also provide a Digital Product Library with many hours of Video Training,  Audio books, and eBooks.
    As a bonus, AIOP offers Text and Banner Advertising with unlimited credits.
    All In One Profits company supports NGO charity organizations. Read more on About us page.

Q: Why was created?
A: was born from our online experience, with our main goal to help the struggling online marketer by providing them with basic tools,
    tips, and tricks on how to advance their MLM/ Network Marketing career with high quality and easy tools. Training material is given geared
    at assisting  our members on the continuously hanging  world of online marketing and providing an unlimited residual income based on  the best  
    compensation    plan around. We`ve studied  and  put together the best parts of different compensation plans, thus creating a commission
    system   formula to fully     benefit our members, because  helping people is what we always aim to do.

Q: Is my personal information protected with your site?
A:  Any personal information that you provide to new site is privacy protected.
     Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

Q: Is my Privacy Protected with AIOP?
A:  Yes, we respect your privacy and personal details,
     we do not sell or share your personal details with anyone unless required by law.
     accordingly to our Privacy Policy.
     Please read more on our company legal Terms which include the Privacy Policy provisions.

Q: Are you using cookies stored on my computer or mobile devices? What are cookies?
A:  A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device.
     The cookie allows the website to "remember" your actions or preferences over time.
     Per EU legislation an user must be informed and consent obtained for some kind of cookies.
     We use cookies which do not require consent.
     Consent is not required if the cookie is:
     used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication,
     and strictly necessary in order for the provider of an information society service explicitly required by the user to provide that service.
     We use only short time lifespan cookies, session cookies (user imput) which are erased when the user closes the browser,
     to identify you as user and we do not store cookies on your browser or any device.
     As for the domain to which it belongs we use only first-party cookies which are set by the web server of the visited page
     and share the same domain.
     Accordingly to the EU legislation on cookies, we use cookies that are clearly exempt from consent
     accordingly to the EU advisory body on data protection- WP29 :
     - user-input cookies (session-id) such as first-party cookies to keep track of the user's input when filling online forms,
       shopping carts, etc., for the duration of a session or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases
     - authentication cookies, to identify the user once he has logged in, for the duration of a session
     - user-centric security cookies, used to detect authentication abuses, for a limited persistent duration
     You can read more about cookies:

Q: How much does it cost to become a member and use all the products and services?
A : The Basic level membership is monthly  $ 10   (plus $1.50 processing fee).
     The Pro level  membership is monthly     $ 20   (plus $1.76 processing fee).
     Please, check the Products and Opportunity pages to see the benefits of Pro level.

Q: Is  the  membership a one-time payment or monthly subscription?
A :The payment to All In One  is a monthly subscription.

Q: Can I pay for some else?
A : You must use your own payment account to set the subscription and to withdraw.
     If the data in your payment processor account does not match with your AIOP sign up data,
     your risk the AIOP account being terminated and funds forfeited.
     Such attempts will be reported to the payment processors.
     You can buy PIF tickets to pay the first month for a new referral.

Q: Can I have multiple positions?
A : Yes you can have as many positions as you want.
     But not under yourself (see next question).
     You can use the same email address, for all your accounts.

Q: Can i take a new position under myself?
A : No, you cannot  take a fixed position under yourself.
     Not for you or for anyone in your benefit.
     Any attempt to take a postion in your downline that would result in being passed to yourself will be blocked too.
     It is not ethical because this will affect your sponsor.
     Our system detects any attempt, which will result in your account being terminated for TOS infringements.

Q: I have paid my membership fee but my account is not activated yet, why is that?
A : All the AIOP membership payments are manually verified and approved in the order they are received.
     This process may take up to 24 hours or less for the account to be verified.
     Once verified, you will receive a welcome email from AIOP  along with your login details.

Q: How long before can I start earning money?
A : You can start earning money almost immediately! Just register and pay your membership,  and you  will get activated within  either a few
     minutes   to a maximum of 24 hours. Once activated you will have access to your back office and to all the web  tools immediately.

Q: How do I earn money in All In One
A : You will just need to join, activate(upgrade) your account and then share your  opportunity with other people. Introduce them to the program and
     you will qualify beginning with your first sale, the first upgraded person you introduce to the system means commission for you.

     We pay you the commission as residual monthly income for each upgraded referral in your downline.
     We do not pay commission for FREE members.

      If your membership is Basic level:
     * For each of your uneven (1, 3, 5...) BASIC level referral  we pay you  $10.00 commission.

     * Every even (2, 4 ,6...) BASIC level referral  they get will be passed up to you and you will be paid  $10.00 for each.

     * Every even (2, 4 ,6...) BASIC level referral of your passed up referrals will also be passed up to you and you will be paid  $10.00 for each

     * All BASIC level members in your downline, either referred by you or passed up to you, make  you $10.00 and send their even referrals up to you.
       For more info please watch our Basic level COMPENSATION PLAN Video, ask your sponsor for clarification or contact us.

     * For the PRO level referrals in your downline we pay you 100% commission on your membership value, $10.

      If your membership is PRO level:
     * For each of your uneven (1, 3, 5...) PRO referral  we pay you  $15.00 commission.

     * Every even (2, 4 ,6...)  PRO referral they get will be passed up to you and you will be paid  $15.00 for each.

     * Every even (2, 4 ,6...) PRO referral of your passed up PRO referrals  will be also passed up to you and you will be paid  $15.00 for each

     * All PRO level members in your downline, either referred by you or passed up to you, make you $15.00 and send their even referrals up to you.
     * For each PRO level member sponsored by you, we pay a one time Fast Start Pro sponsor bonus of $3
       The Bonus is paid always to the sponsor NOT to the upline.
     * For each  BASIC level member in your downline sponsored by you or passed to you we pay you $10 commission.

Q: Are the free members counted for my pass ups to upline ?
A:  No, Free members are just free members sponored by you.
      They can not be counted as passed up referrals to your upline.
      Free members can not generate commission for you or for upline as long as they are not paid, upgraded members.
      Any reference made on this site to: even, uneven, passed, fixed or received referrals must be understood as PAID referrals not free referrals

Q: Can i see and contact the paid and free members sponsored by me or being in my downline ?
A:  Yes, in your AIOP back office you have access to your Upline, Downline, Passed up and Free members sponsored by you.
      You may contact them any time.

Q: Are all the members sponsored by me in my downline?
A:  NO. Your downline it is formed by
      - your Uneven (odd ) fixed referrals sponsored by you (1,3,5...infinty)
      - ALL the Even referrals passed TO you by your fixed referrals
      - ALL the Even referrals passed to you by ALL the Even referrals

Q: Is this program open to anyone?
A:  Yes the membership is open to anyone, individuals and teams, as long as they abide by AIOP Terms and Conditions

Q: What is an AIOP Advertising Network Founder ?
A:  The founder position is opened for 50 members only.
      Founders are part of the AIOP Advertising Network, they will participate in the  the company profit, generated from the AIOP Advertising Network.
      Being part of our group, they will always know and be proud of helping our charity actions since 30% of the profit will go to our charity       
      partners.  All our actions and developments are  oriented  to helping people, through our programs, and  through our charity partners.
     Therefore, the profit will be shared as follows:
      *  30% split among the founders
      *  30% will go to charities
      *  40% will go to company for the network development, administration and maintenance.

Q: There are other advantages to be a founder ?
A:   Apart of the 30% profit shared among them, the Founders will have :

      *  12 month PRO level membership upgrade in AIOP program.
      *  Lifetime full upgrade in 2 network programs of their choice.
      *  The advantage of being the very first ones to find out about any new program before the public

      The first profit  share will be paid  at 12 month after we launch first advertising program in network. The next will be according with the network
      growth, at 6 month interval and even at 3 month when the network will grow big enough.

Q: What is the cost to become a founder in AIOP Advertising Network ?
A: The founders contribution  is as follows:
      * $ 55 every month during 12 month (while  they receive fully PRO membership in AIOP program)
      * OR  $150 quarterly during one year, if they  choose to pay every 3 month instead of monthly.

Q: What is AIOP Advertising Network ?
A : We provide all the web tools every marketer needs to build any business online through AIOP program. This is the first step in our AIOP 
     Company project. It is meant to give a start point with the marketing tools at an affordable cost and real unlimited residual income for everyone.
     We started building the Adverting Network as a natural development, providing all the legal forms of advertising. Not only this, but we were
     looking  for an efficient and legitimate way to generate financial resources to support humanitarian causes and help our charity partners.

Q: What happens when I cancel my subscription?
A : Your account will stay active until your payment is due (you paid for a month, so you will be active till the next payment is due).
     When your payment is due, your account will be set to inactive and you get a warning email.
     After 3 weeks you get a last warning. After being inactive for 30 days, your account will be automatically removed.
     The Removed accounts can't be restored! If there are referrals they will be resigned to their upline.

Q: My account is inactive, can I still log in?
A : Yes you can still log in. When you login you will see a warning that you are inactive, and a payment button to re-activate your account.
     You can't earn when you are inactive and the most of our products will be unavailable. Inactive accounts will be automatically removed after 30   
     days. Removed accounts can't be restored!

Q: When do you pay the affiliate commission?
A : The affiliate commission is paid biweekly. All payouts are verified and done manually.
      When you have affiliate commissions in your balance you can request a payout.The commission will be paid to the account you paid from.

Q: What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
A : There is no minimum balance required. You can view your balance at any time through your control panel.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A : No! You are purchasing online digital products and services. They are delivered instantly to you after purchase. Please see our Terms page for the refund policy provision.

Q: Do you offer support?
A : Yes we offer support for all members. Please use the contact support ticket for any question you might have.

Q: Is there a Defrauding the System rule ?
A : Anyone caught trying to scam AIOP will be charged with fraud and banned from our server. Those members will also forfeit any  funds they
     might     have in their account. These offenses include: charge backs, using in a wrong way AIOP marks, designs, identity and propriety
     including the pay       plan system, using illegal software of any kind to try and gain an unfair advantage on our site, products or services
     or anything we might deem  unfair to our valued members. We run a fair and honest business and will not tolerate cheats and thieves.

Q: Cancelling Your Subscription ?
A : To cancel your membership with All In One Profits visit the payment processor you used to pay the AIOP subscription,
      and choose to cancel it. You are responsible with your subscription cancellation, no need to ask us to do it for you.
      Remember there is a NO refund policy.  Please be aware that your account will be removed finally and can`t be restored.You will ALSO lose out
      on all the features AIOP offers.

Q: May i use different ads, than those approved on this site, to promote AIOP ?
     Using the logo, signs and designs from AIOP site for my personal AIOP promo ?
A : Yes, you can use your personal promo after you send it to us for approval (use the ticket support).
     AIOP materials including logo, are copyrighted and protected under the Terms and Conditions of AIOP.
     Any promotional page you create as an individual or teams for an AIOP promo must be approved priory by us.
     This is to prevent : misrepresenting the company name, claiming get quick rich schemes, HYIP, submitting the company identity to yourself,
     and any other damaging intent. Please see AIOP Terms and Conditions for more info.