The Refund Policy is integral part of the company legal Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree to the Company Terms and Conditions of use for the website and services, please do not register and do not make any purchase.

Refund Policy
By registering your account and purchasing any product and service provided by the Company through you agree that there is a NO refund policy.

You are purchasing digital products and web based services. All the products and services are delivered instantly, and you have access to all of them immediately when your account is activated.
We believe that you will like what we offer at such affordable price. You may have also access to products that are restricted by PLR, MRR, RR, Whitelabel and Developer licenses. Please notice that requesting a refund but continuing to use the services and products purchased from us violates applicable intellectual property rights law and is the same thing as abusing and stealing from us.

Our assets are branded and protected under the trade mark registration, copyright and intellectual property, which also includes systems, products and scripts.

The delivery of digital content that is not on material support( meaning all our services and products), if the delivery started with the previous aknowledgement and agreement of the customer and after the client confirmed that understood the fact that is not entitled to refund for the services and products associated with the purchase, is NOT refundable.

Your aknowledgement and agreement is confirmed by yourself on the registration page. You cannot register an account and make any purchase from the company if you do not confirm that you have read the company legal Terms and Conditions, aknowledge and agree to abide by.

Buyer (Client, User) Statement

By this agreement I understand and accept that the fee for services and products is a monthly recurring payment, non refundable and I agree to pay every month, in order to access the service.

By this agreement I understand that I am buying digital product and services Excepted from Refund, and once that I confirmed my agreement to these Terms and Conditions by registering my account, and making the purchase, I am solely responsible to cancel my monthly recurring payment BEFORE the due date for next month payment. If I want to discontinue the use of the service I am Not entitled to a refund if I fail to cancel prior the payment.

I agree that I will NOT be eligible for a full or partial refund of monthly fees as a result of my non-participation in any of the services, or opportunities offered by

By this Agreement I authorize to immediately and automatically withdraw every month, the monthly dues/fees for the products, services and my active account I have on the site and from the transaction receipts.

By this agreement I understand and accept that there is a No refund policy due to cancellation. In the event that a cancellation request is received and/or fulfilled after the monthly debit has been initiated, will not be able to issue a refund. Cancellation requests should be sent in well in advance of the next scheduled debit date.

You agree that you are solely responsible for cancelling the recurring payment well before the monthly debit would be initiated with at least 6 days but no less than 48 hours, prior to payment due date. may cancel/terminate an user account any time, with or without notice, without any refund, if it's deemed that the member is operating in conflict with these Terms and Conditions. Or for any other reason in our sole discretion, we may terminate your account and delete any and all user information for conduct that the Company believes is harmful to the company, or any of its customers or partners Any account that is cancelled/terminated will forfeit all benefits and privileges associated with us.

Notification about the non refundable recurring monthly payment

In order to have access to the products and services you must maintain an active subscription.
The payment to is a based on a Monthly Subscription. A subscription it is a recurring payment set for a certain time interval. A monthly subscription is a recurring payment that must be paid every month at the same date until is cancelled by you or by the seller.

Your account is active as long as your recurring payment is active. When you purchase a package from , and you renew the subscription every month, you maintain an active account. The subscription is active for 30 days.
Accounts that fail payment will be sent a series of emails to notify the customer. The customer must keep the email address up to date to insure the notifications delivery.
Accounts that are not paid for, on the specified billing date, will be deactivated.
Once an account is inactive for any reason, all files, information, and settings on your account will be held for a period of 30 days from the date the account goes inactive. If a new and valid payment information is not received within 30 days, the account will be terminated and all files, information, and settings will be deleted.

We cannot be held responsible and there cannot be any financial refund or fines, for any files or information lost in the deactivation and account removal process, due to your personal wish or your negligence.

If the customer/affiliate wishes to use the services again, they will be required to register again a new account. The Company reserves the right to review and reject the re-registration based on the previous experience with the customer.

Payments from and payouts to payment processors accounts owned by a person other than the registered member are NOT accepted, in order to prevent fraud. You must use your own payment account and/or card to set the subscription (and to withdraw the affiliate commission if any).

If the details in your payment processor account don`t match with your buyer details (the same name and ID used for your purchase or card details), you risk the client account being terminated and the funds forfeited with No refund. Any attempt of this kind is illegal and will be reported to the authorities for legal investigation.

You are solely responsible for providing and maintaining up-to-date the payment information. All In One Profits company will not be held liable if your payment information is incorrect, become outdated, invalid, or inaccessible for any reason. If such event causes you any loss of services or data, you cannot request a refund.