This Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy represents a general guide created with the purpose to maintain the integrity of our company trademarks and intellectual property.


Our company prohibits the use of its trademarks in a manner that could confuse or mislead.

This includes the development, adoption, or registration of names, logos, trademarks, symbols, brands, domain names, phrases or other product, service or business identifier that could create the confusion with any of our company registered trademarks.


You must follow these basic guidelines when using or refer to our registered trademarks

1. Maintain Our Trademarks Clear, Separate and Distinct

The AIOP All In One Profits® and Even up/Even-up ® trademarks must be used separately from other logos, trademarks or service trademarks, and may not be used as part of the name for any other organization or its products or services. None of our Customers, Partners and Affiliates, may use a name or phrase for business name, its products or services that incorporates, or is confusingly similar to any of AIOP All In One Profits trademarks. Any association with another company trade mark if any, must be distinct specified if using our products or services with reference to AIOP All In One Profits® and Even up/Even-up ®.

2.Identify Affiliation, Sponsorship or Endorsement in a Clear Manner

The usage of our trademarks must not mislead the public by creating the confusion that we have an affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement with another company, products or services.


The use and appearance of the AIOP All In One Profits trademarks and logos.

1. All In One Profits international registered trademarks “®”

    a) Registered trademarks and logos:

AIOP All In One Profits® - International Registered Trade Mark CTM011480555 

Even up/Even-up® - International Registered Trade Mark CTM015039399

Should be noted that the structured plan available through AIOP affiliate program it is a proprietary plan, created and owned by AIOP. That is why our Even up/Even-up system is protected by its own International Registered Trade Mark-Certificate of Registration OHIM No 015039399 Intellectual Property and Trade Marks Office

    a) Not registered trademarks (TM):

AIOP Press
AIOP Video
AIOP VideoTube

Trademarks should be used in their exact form, neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word, words or phrases.

2. Format and Colors of the trademarks and logos

Format: image and text

Colors: Blue, White, Light Orange

3. Symbols:

Registered trademarks ®

Unregistered trademarks TM

4. Symbols applied in the Correct Places

If you intend to use our trademark name, the common practice is to place the correct trademark symbol when the name appears first time on a page, then refer to the company name only without the symbol of the trademark.

5. Separate Our Trademarks

Our trademaks and logos, may not be combined with others' trademarks. Must be used alone, without other logos, trademarks or products and services trademarks. If you want to use our trademaks in connection with other trademarks you must specify the relationship between All In One Profits, its products or services and another party or its products or services.

6.Domain names

All the domain names owned by the company, that contain the words AIOP and All In One Profits cannot be included in other domains format without our consent.


The content of the website, including branding, logos and graphics, text, images, web graphic elements, scripts, sales tracking system or any other data is property of AIOP All In One Profits and it is protected under the Registered Trade Marks and the Copyright law and the laws regarding the intellectual and industrial property right.

Distribution or copying of such content without the company prior approval is prohibited.

Our company provides members with approved material for marketing within the members area. The use without the written approval of any of the elements of the website or that of any other elements listed above is punished according to the valid legal provisions.

All the content on our website is owned by us or by our content, software and graphics providers. We claim all property rights, including intellectual property rights, for this content on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of our content providers.
Anyone who attempts to steal our property and infringe upon these rights will suffer the legal consequences. You agree not to copy content from our website without our permission.

Any requests to use our content should be submitted by e-mail to our support center. If you have any reason to believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed by our website content, please notify us providing a detailed description and the legal proof for your claim of ownership. Excepted from this copyright provision are only royalty free images, if used.

For the clients who choose to be also affiliates or partners, we require a prior approval by us for any promotional material other than provided by us for this purpose.
Within the Affiliate Agreement we provide the guidelines to help you clearly peruse and effectively promote your affiliate or partner link, please visit
Affiliate Agreement page that is integral part of these terms and conditions.

Permission to use a standard, unaltered screenshot from must be granted. Screenshots may be used for print, web and broadcast with prior written permission from our Company management.


If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines you may contact us by email using our Customer Support or By Phone: +17029972417
This policy and user agreement was last modified on November 10, 2020.